So 6 years ago today I made a status update on Facebook that said, “Don’t let your dreams just be dreams!” I don’t think I realized then just how much I would hold that statement close to my heart. You see I have this love for traveling, as many of us do. But the thing is I didn’t have the money to really travel or really anyone who was willing to just go the way that I wanted to. But as my 30th birthday was approaching I was becoming depressed. I felt like I really had nothing to show for being 30. So the December before the big 3-0 I decided that I was going to live out those dreams. If I wanted to go somewhere I was going to go; with or without a travel buddy. Now my 30th birthday has only been about 2 years ago and I’ve been to New York City; Chicago; Cleveland and Dayton, OH; Paris; Las Vegas; Nebraska; Rome; Florence; Pompeii; Sorrento; Capri and North Carolina. And of course when your best friend lives in Ohio I’ve been back there a couple of times. This is just over a span over 2 years I’ve been to other places as well in my life but these are the places when I quit letting dreams just be dreams but more of a reality. I currently do not have any major travel plans because I’m waiting for my honeymoon which will hopefully be within the year! But in June of 2017 I will be hitting Europe again visiting London, Ireland and Scotland.

So I have a question. As much traveling as I have done over the last few years I still haven’t found that perfect travel companion in the way of a rucksack. I’m looking for all your travel suggestions in the way of the best rucksack. I’m looking for something cute (I’m a girl come on now!) yet durable to last me several trips. It would also be nice if the material was water resistant and I’m also looking for something that is small enough to be a carry-on piece. As the rucksack will not be my primary luggage source more like a purse in a sense. I want to be able to carry bottles of water, snacks and possible souvenirs and my rain jacket when I’m out and about explore the cities. What do you use?


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